50 euros less only until the end of the month

he food processor Lidl It’s one of the most popular household appliances today, and it’s not hard to see why. An invaluable tool in any modern kitchen, this device allows you to save time and effort in preparing everyday dishes.

also , Monsieur Cuisine smart food processor from Lidl It is an excellent option for those looking for a more affordable alternative to the popular “Thermomix”. Thanks to its wide range of features and functions, it is capable of preparing a wide variety of dishes, from soups and stews to desserts and breads.

due to its popularity, It sells quickly every time it goes on sale in chain stores. It is common to see queues of anxious customers in the physical store when a device goes on sale. However, Lidl has now announced a great deal on their little machines.

The Lidl kitchen robot is now on sale


Currently, the Lidl Monsieur Cuisine smart kitchen robot retails for €479.99. However, through the Lidl Plus app, customers can get files Up to €50 off your purchase. To take advantage of this offer, customers must download the application on their mobile phones and register as a user. They then have until April 16th to reserve the food processor to pick it up in store between April 24th and April 28th.

If customers prefer food processor It is sent home You can wait until April 20, when it will be available on lidl.es for € 449.99 with free shipping. This offer is valid until April 28th.

The last option to purchase the Lidl Monsieur Cuisine smart kitchen robot will be available from April 29, without any kind of price increase, while maintaining its original price of 449.99 euros. In this case, the device will be available Either in the physical store or online.

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