Atricorp: Equity policies are key to team motivation and commitment

What is the impact of generating more opportunities around gender equality in the workplace and specifically in the energy sector and at Atriacorp?

Atriacorp as a group and as a company seeks the best professional team regardless of gender; Therefore, the chances are always the same for both men and women. However, for the various jobs associated with the sector, the percentage of women who applied for selection processes was lower than that of men. In Peru, only 25% of engineering students are women and less than 5% choose mechanical or electrical engineering.

This percentage is increasing and it is essential because it balances the company and the sector. The complement created between men and women by naturally having different skills provides a positive balance for businesses.

How has the female workforce evolved in the company in recent years?

In the past four years the percentage has been Number of Employees Coverage with women has grown by 12% to reach 37% in 2023. What is beautiful is that this participation has also grown in leadership positions, we have moved from 17.4% to 32% of leadership positions held by women.

What is the impact of promoting equal opportunity policies on the company?

Certainly the great effect is to have better professionals every time. We have a highly competitive human pool where everyone strives to achieve their goals, where skills and competencies complement and enhance each other, and where a meritocratic culture is lived.

Having fairness policies is a major factor in team motivation and commitment, as everyone is sure that their achievements will be recognized without any discrimination. Everyone gives 110% because they know there are opportunities and recognition for their efforts. The result: better professionals, better leaders at the helm of the organization.

What are the challenges given this perspective of gender equality in the sector?

I believe that the sector is developing rapidly and the global focus on renewable energy contributes to this. There were no women in this field because they barely studied electrical engineering, but the interest in reducing the impact of the carbon footprint and encouraging renewable generations is attracting attention.

Job opportunities are not only in the electricity sector. I invite all women who decide on a career to step out of the box, not be afraid, and study what they are really passionate about without gender bias.

Under the new HR policy, what issues will Atriacorp stand out as an employer brand in the coming years?

Our main strengths are camaraderie and teamwork, which provides us with an excellent working environment. Having a team that generates synergies, shares knowledge and lines up together towards the same goal is our priority.

On the other hand, we are a growing company and we are at a stage where many opportunities have opened up and in-house talents are our first choice.

Our challenge is to accompany them in this growth, giving them the tools and training so they can continue to shine. Seeing the team grow, create its own career path and leave significant contributions along the way fills us with pride.

How do you understand the involvement or role of workers with regard to autonomy in their decisions within the company?

We have a very horizontal, excellence-oriented culture, where we motivate the entire team to contribute from their jobs to the growth of the company. We all have something to contribute and everyone’s participation matters, and this ranges from constantly looking for opportunities for improvement, automation, knowledge sharing and collaborative work between regions to leading large projects.

That’s why we need proactive professionals with a lot of initiative, results-oriented and with the same desire to grow and be the best at Atriacorp.

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