Barbie Franco shows off the unusual $15 toy robot she uses to entertain baby Sarah

Barbie Franco is thrilled with the arrival of her first daughterSarah, and feel free to share a piece of intimacy with the child on her social networks. This Saturday morning, the supermodel posted several videos of the girl with Fernando Borlando enjoying one of his new toys.

It is an unusual doll inspired by Bumblebee, One of the robots from the movie transformerswho dances and makes music and lights. In the registry you can see how Sarita can’t take her eyes off the artifact while moving on the floor of your home. When the batteries ran out, the girl began to get angry, until her mother calmed her down and turned on her favorite toy again.

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The Dance Hero Bumblebee is one of Sarita’s favorites (Photo: Dance Hero)

around Buzz hero danceform about 20 cm from the outside It’s valued at about $15. This doll offers an incredible singing and dancing experience. The robot’s arms can rotate flexibly and it can walk on its side. To show a very funny dancesays a post from a major online buying and selling site.

Barbie Franco offered a reward for the valuable that was stolen from her at her door and explained what it was.

Since a week Barbie Franco shared the robbery on her social networks who suffered at his door It is located in Barrio Parque. A man took a suitcase from Fernando Borlando’s truck and was caught on security cameras. In the past few hours, the model has been interested in her official Instagram account and He confirmed that they offer a fee to recover what they took from him.

He explained with a video clip that the thief not only took his daughter Sarah’s clothes, but also A battery for your partner’s surfboard. “I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a summertime story of mine, that Ver go boarding from side to side, surfboard,” the model explained in the recording.

Barbie showed Franco the stolen battery (Photo: Instagram/barbaritafranco21)

Barbie showed Franco the stolen battery (Photo: Instagram/barbaritafranco21)

Well, that battery (they took) It was placed under the table and it was impossible to find itI think they have to call China or I don’t know where. It’s a pain in the ass buying it and returning it, so if you know anything, There is a bonusShe added visibly worried.

Giving more details about the theft, he stated that it had taken place in Barrio Parque, Palermo, and asked his followers to write to him if they knew anything. “very heavy , It weighs about 30 or 40 kg. In fact, it is seen that the boy finds it difficult to take it well, if they know something…”, he insisted to his more than 2 million followers followers.

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