Carolina Students Win Major Competition in the ‘Robot Design’ Category • WIPR


And the winners in the ‘Robot Design’ category ranked 10th. Puerto Rico LEGO Challenge Championship, as a result of the work “Cargo Transport Zero Emissions”, are members of the Los Pascacianos group, from Pacasio B Sanceret School, in the municipality of Carolina.

With the foregoing in mind, Carolina County Senator Marisa “Mariceta” Jimenez Santoni admitted yesterday, in the middle of an activity that took place at the same educational facilities.

“We appreciate your great effort and dedication, which leads you to be part of a select group of young people who demonstrate how to solve real problems through the integration of STEM…You have satisfactorily demonstrated your ability to work as a team and meet the challenge of X. “FLL Puerto Rico Challenge Championship,” said the lawmaker from the New Progressive Party (PNP), accompanied by Gabriela Cruz Ramos, principal of the elementary school.

Recognized students are: Kevin Arocho Rivera, Darylis Carrasquillo Delgado, Luis Columbus Mendoza, Jurguelines de Jesus Lanos, Jerial Diaz Sanchez, Austin Gautier Babon, Brian La Torre Roberts, Angel Martinez Rodriguez, Dalys Alexa Joseph Cruz, Billy Racha Rodriguez Belt . While the mentors were Ivelice Moreno Mendoza and Carla Thys Torres Medina.

“For us, this undoubtedly gives us the opportunity to recognize the great effort of parents, teachers and children who have enormous dreams and goals to achieve… These students show great abilities in areas such as mathematics and science, but above all, all the things they can work as a team.” , which is very important for their path in life… This was of great importance, because other children saw their peers as role models, Jimenez Santoni affirmed.

He concluded, “This kind of extracurricular activity is very important for the development of our children, who are the future of our beloved Puerto Rico.”

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