Carrefour puts an end to dirt with the Cecotec robot vacuum

With the arrival of heat in our country, many families are faced with a recurring dilemma when it comes to maintaining order and cleanliness in the house. The increase in temperatures forces us to open the windows of our home in hopes of creating drafts of air that will cool each room. However, with the lack of rain in recent weeks, an increase in dust has increased in the air, which is endangering Correct cleaning from our house. But thanks Carrefour You can fight it effectively with this robot vacuum cleaner in the show.

As usual in each of the supermarkets of the French chain, you have at your disposal everything and everything you need to make your life much easier. Carrefour He knows the trouble dirt causes in the home, which is why every month he surprises his clients with an offer they can’t refuse. This time it was his turn Cecotec robot vacuum cleaner From the latest generation you will find it cheaper than ever thanks to 10% off.

Get a clean home with Cecotec and Carrefour

Robotic vacuum cleaner Cecotec Conga 8090 Ultra It is one of the premium models of the Spanish brand. A device that effectively removes dirt using it laser technology, capable of scrubbing, sweeping, mopping and sweeping at the same time to achieve amazing results. In addition, you should have a file 10,000 Pa strength of suction pressure, which removes the most stubborn dirt.

Like all latest generation models, Cecotec I created this Konga 8090 Ultra with Interactive MultiMap 3D Through it, this robot vacuum will learn each room in your home so that you can select an area to deep clean or create cleaning routes to follow. function joins sistema Room Plan 3.0.2 update With which you can select the arrangement and cleaning mode for each room.

Cecotec Conga 8090 Ultra robotic vacuum cleaner is able to map your home for effective and efficient cleaning

If we talk about the elements that Conga 8090 Ultra brings with it, it will be Mopa vibratoria Twerking Rubbing Tank You will achieve smart descaling and purification with 3 levels of water flow (high, medium, low) or level Jalisco Brush Capable of holding even the most imperceptible dirt in every stroke. However, thanks to it, you will be able to achieve the results you have always dreamed of 10 cleaning modes Selectable, tailored to you and perfectly adapts to your routine habits.

Effective cleaning in all rooms of your home

Although we must not forget that this robot vacuum cleaner is particularly useful when it comes to carpets, since it has maximum power in Turbo mode with which you can achieve effective cleaning on this type of surface. Finally, if we refer to its technical specifications, the Konga 8090 Ultra he has one 14.8 volt lithium ion battery y 5200 mAh With a range of up to 240 minutes, a large capacity mixed tank and OnlySilence technology For quiet cleaning at a sound level of less than 64dB.

Let nothing stop you from maintaining a clean and tidy home during the hot months of the year. to benefit from Reduction of about 50 euros I applied it Carrefour in this robot vacuum Cecotec Conga 8090 Ultra Don’t let dirt take over the rooms of your house. Just 399 euros You can get this device at any supermarket of the French chain or through its official website.

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