Choosing Pharma is integrated with Bomi Group brands

Bomi groupUPS Company, It has announced that the Picking Pharma brand will operate under the name of Bomi Group. Choosing a pharmacy Purchased in November 2021.

With more than twenty years of experience in the Iberian market and known for its quality of service, innovative automation and warehousing capabilities, the acquisition of Picking Pharma makes Bomi Group the leading healthcare logistics operator in Spain.

Select Pharma customers will continue to benefit from our global network and comprehensive logistics capabilities, as well as the experience of our senior managers. Bomi team for Iberia general manager Jordi Cucido Aces.

“Choosing Pharma has enabled Bomi Group to become the leading healthcare logistics operator in Spain. The new generation of our healthcare customers wants us to continue to grow and adapt our business to provide them with the quality services they need now and in the future.” Quesido.

New facilities worth 18 million euros

As part of its growth strategy, Bomi Group has recently inaugurated its new Madrid storage and distribution facilities worth 18 million euros. Complying with GMP and local production standards, this new logistics center will occupy an area of ​​27,578 m² and have a capacity of 60,000 pallets, thus becoming one of the largest warehouses in the European pharmaceutical sector and creating 150 Highly skilled jobs.

Bomi Group customers have access to 217 facilities in 37 countries and territories with a total of 1.5 million square meters of cGMP and gross domestic product compliant healthcare distribution space.

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