CIIT Peru 2023: The digital revolution and artificial intelligence enter mining and energy

by Miguel Angel Hurtadocorrespondent for T.I. pressure latin america

The Peruvian capital has seen a new edition of CIIT Latam Congress -CIIT Peru 2023 International Conference on Technological Innovation for Mining, Energy and IndustryWhere hundreds of attendees, including managers, specialists and professionals from the aforementioned economic sectors, had the opportunity to learn about the latest trends in artificial intelligence, big data and analytics, industrial automation, and IIOT, among others, directly from prominent international speakers.

Leslie Espinosa, Jorge Guirao, and Diego Casas, Digital Solutions Specialists at ISA REP

Words of welcome were responsible for Jorge Garcia, IM Director Anglo American Miningwhich emphasized the need for companies in all economic fields to use the latest accelerating and disruptive technologies, and in certain areas, those solutions that have platforms based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.


During two days of specialized conferences, presentations were titled “Cyber ​​Security – A Strategic Risk Requiring a Strategic Approach” by Daniel Madrid, Global Head of Cyber ​​Security & Technology Risk Consulting Practice at minute; Anglo American – Digital Transformation through Data Analytics Yuri Cinzanothe main digital transformation in Peru in Anglo American; and “Panorama of Industrial Cyber ​​Threats in Latin America,” ed Eduardo CapetaPre-Sales Sales Manager- SOLA at Kaspersky.

Guillermo Bergelund, General Manager; Jose Escudero, Commercial Director; and Diego Angeles, Director of IA Solutions, all at UAV Latam.

Cinzano He detailed the digitization plan that the mining company is developing on each of its projects and revealed the technologies and decisions that were made prior to the creation of the Quellaveco project, the first digital mine built in Peru.

“Information for Business Continuity,” Presentation by Jorge GomezRegional Product Manager Cloud & DC en entropy Another one that captured the attention of those present was explained why companies seek to integrate all their technological resources into multiple environments, benefiting from each of them some specialized services, performance, reliability, efficiency and protection of their information.

“Implementing data protection strategies is a priority to avoid vulnerability to cloud services, as hybrid clouds offer a competitive advantage by allocating information to the optimal location,” he said. Gomez.

Pedro Yayama, Account Manager Peru, and Sergio Contreras, both at Wenco International Mining System, along with Juan Pasten, Commercial Director at Protab.

He adds, “Combining the physical and the virtual is one of the best ways to grow a business in the context of today’s accelerated digital transformation. Hybrid cloud helps better manage work and unify IT resources.

for his part, Omar NunezLATAM OTCI Business Development Department de fortinetAlert on the importance of complying with cyber security standards, especially in industrial environments.

The CEO noted that “Developing digital transformation processes and implementing work from anywhere has shown that the support and security of applications and employees in different locations is of paramount importance to companies. As organizations aspire to streamline their environments, the market for secure, integrated networking solutions continues to grow.

Internexa: Account Directors Aldo Chávez, Marcela del Agila and Taylor Barrenechea.

Notice that fortinet Provides a single management platform across your entire secure network stack for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, providing superior visibility and enforcement across all elements of your secure network, including Hybrid Mesh Firewall, Single Vendor SASE, Universal ZTNA, Secure SD-WAN, and Secure WLAN / LAN.

The cybersecurity expert noted that the secure network is expanding with the new hybrid interlocking firewall to solve complex environments that span many edges, leading most organizations to shift to the converged secure network approach.Security and networking.

It should be noted that according to GartnerHybrid mesh firewall systems allow you to define and enforce security policy controls between connected users and workloads on any network in on-premises or cloud deployments. Gartner It predicts that by 2026, more than 60% of organizations will have more than one type of firewall deployment, driving adoption of hybrid network firewalls.

in turn, Juan BastinCommercial Manager in Protapgave an interesting presentation on the importance of using anti-collision systems for transport units in mining activities, and comments in this regard: `Thanks to the cutting-edge technology developed with our business partner Wabtec, the anti-collision system has been implemented capable of detecting and preventing collisions between mining equipment and vehicles and improve safety in its customers’ operations.

Anglo-American Team: Nathalie Gamboa, John Arteaga, Michael Berrios, and Yoshiro Travzinho

The high-accuracy proximity warning system for mining vehicles prevents overruns and collisions, greatly reducing mining accidents. It is a multi-service solution that can simultaneously connect the various systems installed in the vehicle, with a high level of management to identify critical traffic, and high levels of security through various communication layers.

Mining companies that implement these systems reduce accidents, increase safety and efficiency, achieve significant savings in time and money, and improve their image to workers and society as a whole. In short, collision avoidance systems are an investment with great benefits in the long run sticky.

Among the main companies that made this conference possible, we can mention FORTINET, Sumtec, Huawei, Cisco, Mindsait, Nokia, Radical Group, Kaspersky, Hytera, Internexa, CR by Epiroc, UAV Latam, Adexus, Logicalis, Nakama, MG Trading, Among other things.

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