Cofepris warns not to buy from these pharmacies that sell dubious drugs

The The Federal Commission for Protection from Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) has issued a warning not to buy in seven pharmacies, which supposedly sell dubious drugs, because they work with sanitary irregularities and without announcing their work, the authorities reported.

On Wednesday, April 5, the Commission announced a a list from “irregular drug distributors to companies that sell medical supplies through websites, known as online pharmacies, with sanitary irregularities and without notice of work”.

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These are the pharmacies: Industrial Supplies de México, Meraki Store360, Medics 360, Puebla Stethoscopes, Noortropics México, Access Pharma and Suministros Biomédicos Gdl, for which “it is unknown how they function in terms of storage and preservation conditions for medical products they distribute online,” Cofepris explained.

Pharmacies that sell questionable drugs, according to Cofepris. Credit: Darkroom

According to the Federal Commission for Protection from Sanitary Risks (Cofepris), the mentioned pharmacies do not have the necessary documentation or the documentation they presented is false, an apocrypha, such as Comercializadora Reyalsa, specifies a Press release.

“Distributors who have notices of operation were also discovered, but when conducting appropriate verification visits, the address was unoccupied,” stated Cofepris.

Pharmacies that sell questionable drugs, according to Cofepris. Credit: Darkroom

Cofepris discovered this on the basis of sanitary surveillance which This authorization is implemented in pharmacies across the country, as well as in e-commerce platforms and applications, where there are usually many scams to trick people into buying drugs at a lower price.

Therefore, Cofepris invites buyers of medicines and other medical supplies to check before purchasing medical supplies whether the distributors have a health professional, as well as legal documentation that guarantees the safety and quality of medical supplies. products, such as notification of work and health permit.

Finally, Cofepris called on all consumers to denounce companies, clinics, hospitals, medicines and other products that pose a health risk through Health complaint, a website where citizens can complain about companies that don’t follow the law. Follow us on Google news to get more information.

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