Connect robot accessories to any industrial network

HMS Robot System Products (RSP) has helped to integrate an Anybus communication interface into the tool changer, enabling connection to the factory network

Robots need accessories to function efficiently. But what is the easiest way to connect accessories to factory networks? The easiest way is to use the ready-to-use Anybus products from HMS Networks, as discovered by RSP.

The number of industrial robots operating in factories around the world continues to increase. To use robots efficiently and increase productivity, companies add accessories to them that allow them to perform various tasks.

RSP has specialized in the development, production and installation of accessories required by robots. When RSP began developing a new line of tool changers, they needed to meet their customers’ expectations and provide a tool changer capable of connecting to factory networks. However, developing the required network technology is a complex task that has not been part of RSP’s expertise. Fortunately for everyone, RSP has found the solutions. any bus DHMS.

HMS helped integrate the Anybus communication interface into the tool changer, enabling connectivity to the factory network and allowing RSP to continue manufacturing world-leading robot accessories.

Android system products

Robot System Products (RSP) Specializes in manufacturing accessories for industrial robots used in factories around the world. “Our strength lies in the specialized knowledge gained from working with industrial robots for nearly 20 years,” he explained. Henrik Hofstrom, RSP Marketing Director. “This specialized knowledge allows us to manufacture powerful and versatile accessories with which our customers improve the flexibility of their industrial robots and increase productivity.”

One of RSP’s main product ranges is its tool changers.


The demands of smart and connected industry impact every step of the automation process. So when RSP was developing its Moduflex series, a new range of tool changers specifically designed to carry high loads, it had to keep up with the times and provide a modern tool changer that could connect to automation networks.

However, developing the required network technology is not easy nor is it what made RSP a world leader. “We are experts in the field of robotics, not in industrial networks,” explains Mats Thunell, RSP’s chief engineer. “We want to stay focused on bots, so we didn’t want to spend time or money developing an intranet solution, which is outside our area of ​​expertise. Fortunately, we found a good solution with Anybus that allows both companies to focus on what they’re good at, bots for us and communication with Anybus.”

But before we describe the network solution, let’s define the RSP requirements.

RSP network requirements

Robots move freely within the plant, so their attachments should be as compact and cable-free as possible. To maintain the tool changer’s compact form, RSP chose to incorporate network technology within the tool changer. RSP also needs a data communication interface that allows easy and reliable communication with any manufacturer’s system, regardless of network protocol.

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