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CIOs (Chief Information Officers), translated into Spanish, are now responsible for a company’s information systems and technologies, to play the role of strategic advisors, according to the 2023 global CIO survey of global Technological service provider, Logicalis.

The study included responses from 1,000 technology leaders and explored how job responsibilities evolved. This year’s survey was titled The Meteoric Rise of the CIO, which showed a massive role shift, from technology enforcer to business leader.

Today’s technology leaders are actively involved in developing business strategy: 41 percent have some level of responsibility for the strategy, while 81 percent say they spend more time on innovation. They use their technology expertise to deliver innovative solutions that create value and competitive advantage. More than three-quarters, 77 percent, spend more time selling ideas to the board.

“Increasingly, the CIO is taking a leadership role in innovation to deliver differentiated services to the market that put the company ahead of the competition,” said Logicalis CEO for Latin America, Rodrigo Barrera.

This change in the CIO role is evident in this new version of the survey. He noted that in 2018, 61 percent of CEOs said they were judged on their ability to create savings for the company. In this year’s study, nearly half of CIOs, 46 percent, said they were judged on their ability to provide services innovative. .

Leading the transformation into the digital future means CIOs forging a new path. The four critical focus areas for CEOs identified in this year’s report include several.

The first is innovation: 50 percent of CIOs are expected to deliver continuous innovation that elevates and differentiates customer and employee interactions. The second is strategy, with 80 percent of CIOs saying business strategy will become an important part of their role in the next two years.

Third, digital transformation with 57 percent saying that creating and operating new digital platforms remains an essential part of their work. Fourth and final is the restructuring of service associations with 74 percent expecting to increase spending on IT outsourcing management by 2023.

“With the ongoing challenge of strategically looking at the business, CIOs are committed to looking for highly specialized partners to support this transformation journey, delivering high-level services in line with market trends,” Barrera concluded.

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