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During 2022, some trends that solve the obstacles presented in the face of data warehousing, innovation, and management such as Data Mesh, Data Fabric, and DataOps are highlighted.

Good use of data allows companies to enjoy the competitive advantages of analyzing it, providing flexibility and security in developing internal activities.

Business intelligence (BI) has become a possibility for companies to operate in a more efficient and practical way. However, companies can face various difficulties in managing computer resources due to the huge amounts of information that come from different sources. Also, although this information is delivered quickly, reaction time differs from transfer time. In response to this, during 2022 some trends were highlighted that solve the obstacles facing data storage, innovation and management, such as data networkAnd Data texture y data operations.

Good use of data allows companies to technically organize and understand business processes, and enjoy the competitive advantages of analyzing them, which provides flexibility and security in the development of internal activities. Data is part of one of the most valuable assets that companies have, and this is the reason for the optimal management of information for various fields or business units such as human resources, marketingsales, customer service, finance, logistics, etc.; It plays a vital role in models of different organizations.

he data network It seeks to divide data into different business areas, and adopting this architecture means self-service or personalization of services to simplify the operations required by the market. It is then understood as the decentralization or democratization of data that allows different sectors of organizations to master the management of inputs from their area, to contribute their knowledge and thus improve the decision-making process to provide meaningful responses according to immediate needs.

on the contraryAnd Data texture Offers users unified data management. In other words, it manages all management from a single platform that allows ensuring compliance with policies and standards at all stages of the information delivery chain. In other words, it provides a single place for storage that does not matter location, system or format, as it allows full visibility of handling company records during the process.

for his partAnd data operations Through technology, he focuses on automating data flows between administrators and consumers. However, the implementation of this architecture promotes that the use of data is not only intended for storage and reporting, but instead can represent a product that follows a sequence, thus generating a successful outcome.

Data collection and analysis has become a must for any company that wants to grow and survive in the market. We understand the importance for companies to adopt new technologies, data collection allows to obtain good information about customers, and after that, data analysis is the most effective tool for anticipating changes in the market and consumer trendsBaruch Kaslin, Director of Data Intelligence Practice at Logicalis.

The impact that material storage and analysis has had on the corporate world is known, which is why it is so important that companies start implementing models that adapt to the needs and capabilities of their resources. Although every business is different, these are tools that allow you to monitor and anticipate customer actions regardless of your business focus, which ultimately means that companies are at the forefront of consumers’ aspirations and ensure their survival in the future.

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