Deals: Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Air Fryer, Playstation 5 at 55% off

Do you want to start automating your home? A good place to start is Samsung’s robotic vacuum, the POWERbot-E, which is also a mop and can be connected to the internet. What does the latter mean? In addition to vacuuming yourself, you can control it with an app on your cell phone. While it’s not one of the best-reviewed models on the market, for this price—and its lowest ever—it’s impossible to find anything better. Regular price: $164,990

Now, for very little money, it is possible to access a model with higher ratings and performance: the Eufy Robovac 15T, the best robotic vacuum cleaner on the market according to the feedback of those who bought it. Although it does not connect to the Internet, it does come with a remote control. Perfect for homes with pets. It has never been this cheap before. Previous price: $169,990.

Soundbars are a good alternative for improving the sound in your home: not only because they elevate your TV, but also because they act as speakers for playing music via Bluetooth. This budget model from LG doesn’t stand out for its bass, but it manages to heighten the experience, especially for spaces measuring 3 by 3 meters. Regular price: $84,990.

While loved by many and viewed with suspicion by others, Nespresso coffee machines continue to be popular. What started as a fashion exclusive today is already a popular alternative in homes and offices, and if you’re looking to get started with that creamy coffee, the way to go is with this compact model, which fits on almost any kitchen counter. Which capsules are best? Here is a complete guide. Regular price: $64,990.

Microwave for cooking, baking and roasting, capable of making cakes, browning chicken, and also heating food. It’s all among the capabilities of this Samsung model, which is kind of like a pro microwave these days at a hefty price tag on Abcdin. With its digital panel, antibacterial ceramic interior, and smart grill and defrost functions, an oven of this type has never looked so good or cost so little. Regular price: $149,990.

This offer should be taken advantage of with eyes closed, even if you don’t need it: a mouse player HyperX – one of the most popular brands in the industry – with eleven buttons, 16,000 dpi sensitivity, 1.8m cord and scroll wheel, for less than 3,000 pesos. He was? At $2,990. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. 90% off Abcdin. Save it for yourself, save it for Christmas, treat your child, and save it for your godson’s birthday. whatever. But it will cost you less than it’s worth standing when you go to buy it. Regular price: $29,990.

Some time ago we tried this air fryer and we still love its high standard, how easy it is to use, its attractive design and the huge number of recipes that the app brings. Also, its price, which under normal circumstances is less than 100,000 pesos, but these days in Paris is less than $65,000. A great opportunity to make french fries at home without oil. Regular price: $79,990.

Something happened to Abcdin this week, because their prices have dropped to unbeatable levels. Hopefully it’s a good thing, but if it’s a bad thing, you should still take advantage of it. In this case, HP’s excellent laptop, the 250 G8, which has an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and an SSD, is priced under 300,000 pesos. Real bargain. Regular price: $654,990

These TWS wireless earphones aren’t the best we’ve tried, they aren’t even Huawei’s most unique, but they are one of the most interesting price/quality ratio they have. It supports High-Resolution Audio — with some limitations — has a long-lasting battery and has impressive Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), all for less than 70,000 pesos. Regular price: $89,990.

And we include the PlayStation 5 in this section again. Less than a month ago we announced that it was, with the same set, priced at $649,990, an unbeatable price at that time. Well, now it drops nearly a hundred thousand pesos to be located, for the first time, under 600 thousand pesos. Great news for players and families in general, since at this rate, it will drop in short order to less than 500,000 pesos, and little by little, it will end up being overcrowded. Previous price: $669,990.

*Prices for the products in this article are updated as of April 17, 2023. Values ​​and availability may change.

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