Efficient operations with innovative technology for the mining sector in 2023

  • Mining in Peru contributes greatly to tax collection and also job creation. On this occasion, Logicalis analyzes how mining companies bet on the specialization of technology areas with cloud, analytics and cybersecurity managers, with the aim of obtaining deep knowledge of the process area with qualified personnel.

The information generated by the mining process is massive. For this reason, technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and analytics have made it possible to process data to integrate it into business processes.

Before the digitization boom and the adoption of new technologies, there was a certain gap between what happened in the process and business decisions. Today, this knowledge gap is gradually narrowing thanks to new capabilities.

For mining in Peru, in terms of production, the investment of previous years should be collected this year. The mining sector will be one of the main drivers that will drive the growth of the Peruvian economy in 2023, with an estimated annual growth of 8%. Mining in Peru contributes greatly to tax collection and also job creation.

The process world is certainly changing because the business demands it. In this sense, a market vision based on greater specialization of the workforce and profitable management of data has emerged.

“Logicalis is a relevant player in providing solutions that help the operational efficiency, safety and high competitiveness of our clients in the mining sector. We have industry knowledge and proven experience with IT and technology environment oriented solutions,” says Claudio Soto, Andean Commercial Industries Consultant at Logicalis. operational, safety and operational efficiency.

Mining companies are betting on specializing in technology areas with those responsible for cloud, analytics and cybersecurity, with the aim of obtaining deep knowledge of the process, with qualified personnel.

Soto explains that in recent years work has been done with the tools of Industry 4.0: “With this, a more integrated and intelligent mining has been achieved, safe with due care for the environment. It is here where remote control, remote control, automation and autonomy technologies have made an important leap, leading to led to significant improvements, only when the grades and hardness of the ore caused problems in production.”

Undoubtedly, the most efficient solution is remote operation, as operations can continue to be carried out regardless of weather conditions or other problems. “Currently, mining companies have budgets of 3% to 5% of annual IT operations/operations spending and the tools required to achieve greater productivity with employee efficiency and security,” says the executive.

Managed services also play an essential role in the mining sector as it is the outsourcing of IT services based on comprehensive management oversight, management and process development through experts and cutting-edge technologies available to clients.

“It is very important to be able to monitor the various assets of mining companies. We have a Network Operations Center ‘NOC’, which ensures the availability of assets for large companies, such as operations control rooms and organizations that provide field support to various clients. We have all the expertise required to go into a mining company, From qualifying for company shifts, permit issues, as well as protocols implemented with a safety-focused directive,” notes Soto.

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