Four robots did not kill 29 scientists in Japan

It’s fake. In the midst of the controversy that has arisen in recent months about the use of artificial intelligence, a video has recently been published on social networks showing a woman warning that four robots developed for military purposes have killed 29 people in a laboratory in Japan.

“At one of Japan’s top robotics companies, this week (no date given), four robots designed for military purposes killed 29 people in the lab and did so by shooting what he calls (it’s not made clear who is referring to) metal bullets,” the woman says. in audiovisuals.

In addition, he notes that while lab workers supposedly disabled two of the robots and disarmed a third, only a fourth robot began to “restore itself”. “Somehow he was hooked up to a satellite to download information on how to rebuild himself stronger than before,” he says.

There is no official evidence or information about the alleged incident. “As far as we know, there is no basis with regard to the matter you inquired about,” Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Office of Robot Policy told Reuters news agency by email.

Many data verification portals, such as Snopes (United State), Maldito Polo (Spain) and department reality check ReutersShe denied the false news that had circulated since 2018.

Who is the woman in the video?

The woman featured in the audiovisual film is Linda Moulton Howe, an American investigative journalist. She has been distinguished for her work as an ophthalmologist (studying phenomena associated with UFOs) and for explaining conspiracy theories.

After doing a web search, it turned out that the video belonged to a presentation Howe gave at an event in Los Angeles in February 2018. At the Expo on Conscious Life conference, the journalist spoke about the dangers of artificial intelligence.

In her presentation, Howe indicated that her alleged source was a former Marine contractor for several US intelligence agencies, who called her in August 2017 and told her what had happened. Furthermore, the ex-military man allegedly told him he would never hear about him in the news because the robot company “has a lot to lose and the government wants robot soldiers.”

No evidence

In the full video, the woman explains that she did not record the call but that she supposedly wrote down what she said. However, in a interview made shortly after the conference, he indicated that he never said he had written by hand what his alleged source had told him and revealed that this person was not a witness to the massacre.

Howe did not, either at the conference or in the interview, mention the name of the laboratory, the date of the incident, or the names of the alleged dead.

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