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Japanese Hakuto Mission Already the date of arrival on the moon. It left Earth on December 11, and is expected to reach our natural satellite. April 26th.

issued by the company esspace With the support of JAXA, the ship has done just that SORA-Q robot game Manufactured by the famous Takara Tomy company. To go into space, they used the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, which left Cape Canaveral.

Hakuto’s mission trip will take place nearly three months in total, Because it was sought to reach lunar orbit with less fuel. In March, it began orbiting our satellite, capturing it in images released by the Japanese company.

What we have achieved so far It is indeed a great achievement.” explained Takeshi Hakamada, CEO of Ispace. “We are applying the lessons learned from this trip to our future expeditions. The stage is set.”

The steps to be followed in the Japanese Hakuto mission to the moon

according to AP agency, Once on the lunar surface, the Hakuto probe will establish a telecommunications connection provided by the European Space Agency and another for power supply. It will then launch client payloads.

Among them, in addition to the SORA-Q robot toy, It is a rover equipped with a camera from the UAE Space Agency, In addition to the Canadian computer system that will analyze your photos. It also takes a solid battery from the Japanese NGK Spark Plug.

Hakamada added, “I look forward to witnessing this historic day, ushering in a new era of commercial lunar missions.”

Ispace plans to implement it A second mission in 2024 and a third in 2025. According to the Associated Press. Since then, he has been looking to increase the frequency of release two or three times a year.

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