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Amazon Web Services classifies Logicalis as an Advanced Partner.

Logicales Connect with a strong commercial commitment in this area clouds. Thus, the integration operator has received new support from Amazon Web Services Which positions you as an advanced partner of the cloud provider. This nomination comes in addition to Logicalis’ collaboration agreements with the other three public cloud giants: IBM, Google and Azure, in a move that integrates Logicalis as a specialist integrator of multicloud environments.

One in three Spanish companies has already tested a cloud product or service, and in recent years the rate of migration has been increasing. Having access to the latest IT applications and services, tailored to each situation and scenario, is a unique opportunity. Taking advantage of all its advantages, with hybrid models supported by major public cloud providers, is the best way to adapt to any market scenario.“, Confirms Carlos Cabezas, Head of Cloud Business Development de Logicalis.

cloud on demand

“Every company is subject to a different framework, so it’s impossible to apply Intelligent migration to the cloud model For everyone. It depends on each project and the budget, the pace of development and the size of the digital assets,” they say at Logicalis, the integration company that designed the flight path. cloud migration from various companies in our country.

Logicalis set out to celebrate this year 2023 as an opportunity for all companies that will revamp their data center infrastructures

Logicalis proposed to take advantage of this momentum to celebrate this year 2023 as an opportunity for all companies that will renew their infrastructure Data Centerwith the aim of integrating new hardware or software, enhancing your transition to the cloud, and ushering in a new phase of managing your IT resources.

“The lack of diversity in infrastructure becomes a new risk factor for corporate competitiveness. Therefore, to avoid risks, they should follow the example of regulators and focus on the operational resistance of their digital infrastructure, and develop Multicloud strategy And ensuring the security and capacity of their services in the cloud, to adapt to the current and future conditions of their markets, ”concludes Carlos Cabezas.

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