Logista LIBROS launches new facilities for e-commerce

Logista LibrosThe largest free book distributor in Spain, some graduated New special facilities for e-commerce, to increase storage capacity, e-commerce order productivity by 100%, as well as to provide better services to publishers and bookstores. This new facility is an expansion of the company’s distribution center in Cabanas del Campo.

Thanks to technology, these special facilities allow us to better respond to the needs of online business. In addition, a new packaging technology is included, which reduces the consumption of packaging materials and completely eliminates the layer in the preparation of e-commerce shipments. In this sense, the preparation of the package is fully automated and adjusted to the dimensions of each specific load. As for the folding and closing of the box, this is also done automatically, so the structural consistency of the packaging created for each shipment is superior to a standard box, which guarantees that the orders arrive closed and the product arrives in perfect condition. Explain to the end customer.

b Daniel Oropesa, CEO of LogstaLibros “The aim of this project is to respond to the significant increase in demand for B2C orders in an effective and sustainable way using new technologies and information systems.”

Logista Libros reduces the response time with bookstores by more than 20%.

In a continuous commitment to innovation, efficiency and rapid adaptation of the processes to the new requirements of the sector, the unit provides the highest operational guarantee by coordinating the information system and a highly qualified and specialized team in all fields. Distribution process. In fact, LogstaLibros recently completed a process to streamline its order-taking, shipping, and delivery processes, and through these measures, was able to improve its response time by up to 23 percent.

In the year In 2022, book sales in Spain will exceed 1,100 million euros, which represents an increase of 1.1%, the same trend in European countries, and the market is expected to continue growing in 2023. according to Daniel Oropesa, CEO of LogstaLibrosConsidering that the Spanish reading index has increased by 5.7 points in the last ten years, the fundamental role and commitment of our distribution department to the publishing sector is worth it. It makes us listen. It is very proud, because thanks to our performance, we contribute to the promotion of culture in SpainHe said.

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