Onyx DAO and ApeSwap Celebrate Arbitrum Airdrop with $ARB Liquid Farms and Reward Pools

This past week was full of excitement in the DeFi space; We saw a mini market parade ApeSwap y Onyx DAO On Arbitrum, and most exciting of all, Arbitrum has finally announced the launch of its popular $ARB token. At current estimates, more than $1 billion of $ARB will be released in total. To make this news even more exciting, Onyx DAO released two new features focused on the $ARB token.

Farm and Pool $ARB de Onyx DAO

The first product is the $ARB ApeSwap Yield Farm; This allows users to convert their $ARB tokens into a liquid pair to earn $ONYX rewards. This way, users can earn with their $ARB tokens when they convert $ARB into highly liquid tokens for trading on ApeSwap’s decentralized exchange.

The main $ARB farm pair will be $ARB – $ETH.

Additionally, Onyx DAO has created a $ARB reward pool where users can earn $ONYX tokens to earn $ARB. This allows users to generate recurring bonuses where they share $ARB liquidity to earn $ONYX and then share their $ONYX to earn even more $ARB. Onyx DAO is one of the few places in the arbitrage ecosystem that has a facility that allows users to earn $ARB directly!

What else does Onyx DAO offer?

In addition to being able to access $ARB, users can also hedge $ONYX to access other major cryptocurrency tokens including $ETH and $USDC. $ ONYX is one of the only tokens that offer fast and rewarding service to users.

Onyx DAO has more than a dozen liquid farming options for users, including profitable farms based on $USDT, $BTC, $LINK and $BANANA. All these farms allow you to earn $ ONYX, which you can participate in prize pools for additional earnings.

From March 28, Onyx DAO will be released Treasure letters Via ApeSwap. Treasury Accounts allow users to trade their $ONYX-$ETH liquidity into the protocol to obtain discounted $ONYX tokens. This ensures that the $ONYX token will be more liquid and flexible, allowing users to get a discount of $ONYX to later participate in prize pools.

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About Onyx DAO

Onyx DAO aims to solve problems in productivity protocols through an experimental and innovative model, specifically:

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  • Using sustainable liquidity mining (eg, simultaneous bonuses, farms and pools)
  • Discouraging bad actors (farmers abusing $ONYX issues) and rewarding good actors ($ONYX bond farmers, holders and buyers)

In the long term, Onyx DAO will focus on creating new prediction markets and deposit strategies.

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