Plant over 6,000 seeds in just three seconds

Robotics has a growing presence in this field. In fact, farmers have long been turning more to these machines to solve labor shortages and meet the growing demand for food. For example, some in Spain have been seen returning and can collect fruit or watering devices, which reduce water consumption by up to 70%. Although the latest innovations are some brilliant The robots are capable of sowing more than 6,000 seeds in just three seconds.

John Deere, a major manufacturer of agricultural machinery, recently developed a technology they call “ExactShot,” which the company uses in a series of electric robots that allow Sow and fertilize seeds with great accuracy, speed and efficiency. A tool specially designed to meet the growing demand of food production.

This new technology was presented to the world during the latest edition of CES 2023, which was held in the American city of Las Vegas, and aims to help farmers to To be economically and environmentally sustainable While working hard growing the food, fuel and fiber we all depend on.

with extreme precision

With the world population expected to grow to nearly 10 billion by 2050, it is estimated that farmers need to increase their production by 60-70% over existing arable land. Not only that, but “ExactShot” also allows farm workers to save money and Reducing the amount of fertilizer needed for start-up during cultivation by more than 60%.

This technology connects directly to John Deere tractors, as the company itself explains in a press release, and consists of a total 54 56 volt modular electrified robots and various sensors The moment each seed enters the soil is recorded.

Robot design with “ExactShot” technology.

John Deere


This way, instead of applying a steady stream of fertilizer to the entire row, while running the “ExactShot” technique Sprinkle only the necessary amount of fertilizer, about 0.2 milliliterdirectly on the seed itself at the moment it is inserted into the ground.

This smart technology also allows the farmer to enter their own dosing parameters The robot measures speed and operating conditions. One of the main benefits of “ExctShot” is its ability to sow up to 6,000 seeds in just three seconds and with extreme accuracy.

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The process is simple. The suction system pulls the seeds and the speed of movement of the vehicle, along with the brush, causes a dead fall so that the seeds They are placed exactly where they should go. While, on the other hand, it prevents wasted fertilizer from encouraging weed growth or increasing the risk of it leaving the field and into a stream.

They discover failure

Another detail to keep in mind about this technology is that bots too They have the ability to detect errors in real time. Also, in the event of a failure, the intelligent electrified system is modular enough that individual parts can be replaced; And even the entire robot if needed.

Farmers also have access to a tool through which they can Geospatial data query To make every pass across the field smarter. Very useful information for improving crops in the field, and producing more in a sustainable and efficient way.

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This means that for the company itself, production and automation are essential to addressing labor shortages and increasingly narrow farming time windows. In this sense, ExactShot is a technology that can Helping these professionals produce more for less and address the challenges of climate change in a more sustainable way.

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