SEUR improves its services to provide its customers to Europe

SEURThey chose to go hand in hand with Geopost Improving transport services in Europe, SEUR Classic. The aim is to provide a better customer experience during their growth globally.

This update of the service is dedicated to the development of Spanish and European companies and shows greater adaptability to the opportunities and needs of the market. Features include:

  • Facilitation of SEUR/Geopost network programs.
  • Improvement of the accuracy of delivery times, from now on terms are defined, online calculator of the delivery time from the original zip code to the destination zip code.
  • Real time online shipment tracking.
  • 120,000 global distributors to provide a better customer experience.
  • Carbon neutral shipments since 2012.

“Since electronic commerce has established itself as a habit among consumers, companies are looking for a personalized response to grow their business in Europe.” Eric Dietz, manager of GeoPost in Europe, said.. “For this reason, we at Geopost and also at SEUR, in addition to providing fast and efficient delivery at an affordable price, have improved our services to provide delivery solutions that meet the specific needs of each company. We tailor offers to each customer and therefore generate added value in terms of flexibility and integration, because our customers have the entire transport network at their fingertips. It is the largest in Europe.

Among the main advantages of SEUR Classic service for betting companies on e-commerce:

  • Prediction and prediction. These are the two features that are most sought after by customers today. Some aspects that are fully integrated in the SEUR Classic service and include a Online time calculator Delivery, provides reliability regardless of the geographical point where the company is located. Added to this access. Notifications from the SEUR Predict system in international deliveries in Europe.
  • Similarly, consumers are given the option to change delivery conditions and redirect to one. 70,000 points from the GeoPost pickup network, number 1 in Europe and SEUR contributing over 4,000 points between convenience stores and lockers. Additionally, beyond tracking from origin to final delivery, real-time tracking is included throughout the entire shipping journey.
  • Available in 10 European countries. Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Ireland and United Kingdom. A service that will soon expand to other countries where GeoPost is available.

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