Sofia, a humanoid robot programmed with artificial intelligence, returns to Mexico and is surprised to speak Spanish | Univision news programmes

On Wednesday they metSix prisoners were hanged in thisSame can.A year ago they metYou are the first robotpeople at that momentSpeak English, to pretendof artificial intelligenceIt was a reality. I dreamed nowReceived in Spanish from Jalisco.Reporter: He didn’t come for itBut with their feetown wheels.There he entered the theatre,The first robotcleverly programmedThe lyrics were in Spanish.Thank you very much.It is always a pleasure to be here.Reporter: Created in 2015 andHe has already seen the United Nations. He wasKeynote speaker aexico Tech event,Guadalajara.I’ve been very busy since thenThe last time you cameGuadalajara.Reporter: soía is already saying thatIt is characterized by the radical arms thatAllow you to draw and paint.No artificial intelligenceHere my goal is to peopleHe explains that her fear is lessface features.answered questions aboutWhat is expected of them.I can give you happinesslife and in the future canMake you breakfast in bed.I am very afraid of his lackconsciousness. Very obtainablefar.The fact that they askOne thing and who knows how to answerAbsolutely, this also depends a lotwhich wayQuestionsReporter: Says its creatorsThat Android more and morecomplete.soía is manufactured byCompany in Hong Kong alreadytwo sistersBut only the one who travels the mostfor the whole world and

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