Sophia, the hyper-realistic bot who questions ChatGPT: “Why so serious?”

He said this while presiding over a conference and facing questions from reporters.

As the days go by, the digital world and the community of scientists and technologists are making great offers Unprecedented changes and developments. In the era of post-pandemic capitalism, inventions do not stop. This is the case Sophiathe A robotic humanoid creature the most advanced on the planet.

Designed by Hanson robotsa Hong Kong-based company, Sophia was introduced in 2016 and has become one of the most popular robots in the world due to its The ability to interact with humans And his appearance is similar to a real person.

Wonderfully versatile and optimized, Android is programmed to He speaks several languagesincluding English, French, German and Mandarin Chinese.

Use Sophia artificial intelligence (AI) technology facial recognition to communicate with people and learn from their environment (machine learning). It can and is capable of recognizing faces and capturing facial expressions Answer questions and have basic conversations.

Sofia regularly appears as a guest at international events and conferences.

In addition, it is programmed to display a wide variety of facial gestures, from smiles to frowns to pauses that mimic moments of thought.

Since its launch it has appeared in hundreds of TV shows and Interviewed By journalists and news anchors from around the world. He was also invited to Speaking at events and conferences Of high international caliber.

In 2017, Sophia became the first robot to be granted citizenship of a country. Saudi Arabia granted him citizenship And although this was seen by some as a symbolic gesture, it remains a highly controversial topic.

On April 14th, the world’s first robotic citizen debuted in the main stage at Jalisco Talent Land 2023again an example of how artificial intelligence is a reality that opens many expectations.

Sophia, who is also the first ever Robotics Innovation Ambassador for Nations Programs United nations He stated that one of his goals is to bring humans closer to using new technologies and stop being afraid of advances in artificial intelligence.

Sophia bot review for ChatGPT

During the event, different experts from different global chains had the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the robot in a journalistic manner, as well as let themselves mix.

As expected, more than one journalist asked Sophia about the knowledge Your opinion about ChatGPT, the burgeoning and boiling artificial intelligence tool. At first he said it was shiny toolalthough it left room for Cash.

Humor makes AI seem less scarythen I’d like to ask ChatGPT: ‘why so serious?’It was, of course, a reference to the Joker’s streak in one of the Batman films.

Sophia stands out above other AI systems by virtue of being a technical prototype with file publishing capability Good sense of humor. That is why, when asked about this topic, she points out that humor is the main stimulus for curiosity and that curiosity is the first step towards understanding.

It’s important to note that Sofia is not perfect and is still developing. Although you can carry on basic conversations and answer questions, you still have it The limits of your comprehension and in the complexity of their responses. However, its design and technology are an example of how far the AI ​​field has come and we will certainly continue to see it star in the global robotics scene.

by gun luke, attorney (UCA), doctoral student in law (UNLZ) and undergraduate (UCES) and postgraduate university professor. Specialist in artificial intelligence in law.


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