Stratesys joins the association as a new member of CEOE|CEOE.

Straits, a Spanish multinational company with a strong presence in the technology sector in Europe and America, has recently joined the Confederation of Spanish Enterprises (CEOE) as an affiliate company. By signing this agreement, the consulting firm will provide the business with extensive experience in designing, implementing and developing technology and digital strategies tailored to the needs of each sector and industry in telecommunications, energy, renewables, consumption, distribution, manufacturing, banking services. , insurance, health or pharmacy.

From now on, CEOE will have among its partners with the participation of Stratesys, which will lead to technological investments and expansion of the company and will be useful at the same time. On both sides of the Atlantic.

Likewise, the consulting organization provides solutions and tools to help companies meet the goals of sustainable development by using technology for the common benefit of society with its #technology4good philosophy.

For him Director General, Antonio GaramendiThe integration of Stratasys represents a technological advancement within the Spanish commercial fabric.The digitization of our companies is important, without it, our companies would be left behind. Because of this, the work of companies like Stratsys is key to the competitiveness, productivity and growth of our businesses and, with it, to our country.

On the other hand Ramon Montagne, CEO and co-founder of Stratesttake note”Being a member of the Chief Executive is a great step for Stratesis to promote our growth as a company, to participate in commissions and working groups related to technology, sustainability, innovation and digital society, and to share with Spain’s main business leaders. Our vision on how to transform the business of companies that drive their technology investments forwardHe said.

Stratesys is a Spanish multidisciplinary digital services company with more than 25 years of business experience, in various market-leading software platforms and technologies such as Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, eCommerce, Cyber ​​Security, Process Automation, Blockchain, etc.

Currently, a group of 1,500 professionals distributed between the headquarters and expert centers in Europe and Latin America: Spain, Portugal, Germany, United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Argentina. In the year In 2022, Stratesys has shown a growth of 27% and cooperates with more than 400 companies and large corporations, two thirds of the IBEX-35, as well as public organizations and administrations and companies in the ‘midmarket’ segment of all sectors.

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