The famous robotic surgeon, Da Vinci, performed a “painless” lung transplant on a patient

he surgical system Da VinciKnown as the “surgeon robot,” he has reached a new milestone in his journey of more than two decades. As reported by Val d’Ebron Hospital in Barcelona, ​​the machine has run out The first fully automated lung transplantalso using pioneering technology that greatly speeds up patients’ recovery.

Da Vinci: 5 facts about the robotic surgeon

The da Vinci robotic surgeon began using it in the year Reuters

  • It was developed by the American company Intuitive Surgical and I started working in the year 2000After obtaining approval from the US Food and Drug Administration.
  • Since then, it has been used in many surgeries, especially for prostatectomy, in a way that it claims to be Minimally invasiveThanks to its accuracy.
  • The version used in Barcelona Hospital has Four arms hold the tools, which the surgeon controls through the console. The system adds a 3D and 4K vision tower that delivers professional-grade visuals and sound.
  • This progress is also found in Argentinawith units in institutions such as the Otamendi Sanatorium and the José De San Martin Hospital de Clínicas.
  • In the middle of last year, da Vinci starred in the first robotic thoracic surgery in our country, as we said in Then, in November, Argentine doctors used this advance to treat lung cancer at the Hospital de Clínicas.

Da Vinci performed the first robotic lung transplant

To perform this surgical procedure, doctors at Vall d’Hebron, a hospital located 15 kilometers from Barcelona Airport, used a An innovative technique consists of emptying the organ and then inserting it through a small incision of 8 cmin soft tissues.

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This method is less painful for the patient, since by making a small incision in the skin, fat and muscle, the wound closes more easily compared to traditional techniques that require incisions of about 30 cm.

The team is at Val d'Ebron Hospital in Barcelona, ​​where da Vinci performed the first fully automated lung transplant.  (Photo: Val Debron)

The team is at Val d’Ebron Hospital in Barcelona, ​​where da Vinci performed the first fully automated lung transplant. (Photo: Val Debron)

“We think so It will improve patients’ quality of life and the postoperative period (…) It is a technology that we hope will spread to more centers over time, ”said Albert Jáuregui, Head of the Vall d’Hebron Thoracic Surgery and Lung Transplant Service.

Although patient contact is the responsibility of the device, the specialists are responsible at all times. “I know a groundbreaking technique, in this case We had to pool the experience we had with both traditional implants and robotic thoracic surgerywhich involved a lot of teamwork behind it,” explained Dr. Maribel Rochera, Chief of Anesthesiology and Reanimation at the hospital.

The patient who operated on Da Vinci said: ‘For me, the pain was zero’

The surgery was performed to treat pulmonary fibrosis in a 65-year-old patient, who stated in later statements that he did not experience pain and who only took paracetamol after the operationinstead of the usual opioids that are given to those undergoing this type of transplant.

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With this achievement, the lung transplant program is entering a new phase of development Minimally invasive surgery with multiple advantages For lung transplant recipients, it will, therefore, improve the results of the lung transplantation programme, ”concludes Carles Bravo, Medical Director of the Lung Transplant Program at the Barcelona Health Center.

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