The Future of Retail 2023 arrives in Cali, an event to learn about the macro trends that will change the future of RETAIL.

The fifth version of the most anticipated event by retailers in Colombia has arrived in Cali. The Future of Retail 2023 will feature international speakers, exclusive workshops, a networking environment, a trade show, technology experience areas and more.

The rise of technology and artificial intelligence has permeated the retail industry, with technology solutions now available for all operational processes in retail. Now is the time for companies to evolve at the pace of new technologies.

Retail of the Future 2023 will be held on May 3rd and 4th at the Valle del Pacifico Event Center.It seeks to bring together key players in the retail sector to discuss current trends and opportunities in the industry.

In this case, the focus will be on digital innovation and how.
The shopping experience in retail is changing
Trade through B2me.

Business-to-Me (B2Me)

This is an emerging trend in the business world that focuses on user experience personalization and customer awareness.

Unlike the traditional B2B (Business-to-Business) or B2C (Business-to-Consumer) model, where a company focuses on transactions with another company or with a consumer, the B2Me model focuses on the individual, his or her depth. Knowledge, thanks to technology, big data, analysis and artificial intelligence, which allows us to have a 360 view of the business, to connect with the person and meet their needs.

“Fenalco Vale wants to give you a complete immersion experience
We have a world of retail, an extensive educational agenda, a trade show and more.
More than 200 brands showcasing strategic technology products and services
Disruptive solutions, artificial intelligence and trendsetting macro trends
Creating personalized experiences is a great phenomenon that will benefit the industry
And merchants in the region, “Octavio de Jesus Quintero Gómez,
President of the Board of Directors of Fenalco Vale.

The retail industry in Colombia

Currently, retail trade is one of the most important industries in Colombia
Creating millions of jobs and billions in the world
dollars per year.

According to data from DANE (National Administration of National Statistics), the
In Colombia, retail trade represents 11.7% of gross domestic product (GDP).
total) and employs about 2.5 million people.

Globally, the retail industry has seen significant growth in recent years due to the increase in purchasing power of the public and the rise of electronic commerce.

However, it’s also true that retail is in a period of change, where digitization and automation are completely changing the way consumers shop and retailers sell.

According to a McKinsey report, by 2025, 70% of purchases will be made through digital channels, presenting a major challenge to traditional retailers and an opportunity for those who can adapt to new trends.

What will happen in retail in 2023?

Experience zones for retail zones in the coming 2023.

In this edition, participants can find places for experience and communication

During the days of the event, more than 25 national and international ‘speakers’ will be presenting their conference.

Special workshops are held for each type of RETAIL needs.

  • Fashion retail
  • Mass consumption retail
  • Furniture retail
  • Retail items
  • Retail Pharma
  • Trade Show:

There will also be a network of suppliers for RETAIL change
Large companies that work with each type of RETAIL: fashion, consumer
Huge, appliances, towels, pharmacy, and more.

There will be enough space for the creation of new businesses.
Business relations and strategic alliances between participants and

This area focuses on STARTUPS that develop products.
Services to enhance RETAIL.

At this venue, attendees will meet industry solution providers offering first-hand experiences and live demonstrations of their latest products. In addition, the case studies shared by the experts help the public to understand how technology solutions can be effectively implemented in their own business.

How to participate in the future of retail?

Tickets for this Fenalco Vale event are available at your disposal website. The event has two rates for individual tickets as well as special discounts for groups.

In the same way, you can find the speakers and the program of the two days of the event on the website.

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