The NYPD has included a robot dog

It’s called Spot and it had a failed test in 2021. Now the city’s mayor, Eric Adams, has announced that they’ll be using it again. They will be able to shoot suspicious vehicles.

The New York Police Department will give a new chance to spot, the robot dog, and will restore him to his rank. This was announced by the Mayor of New York, Eric Adamsin the past hours. It is a procedure that again raises controversy.

It will be two units of the robot developed by Boston Dynamics, though there will be other future devices available for the uniform. This is a signature bot nightscope named K5.

The latter consists of a kind of independent cone, equipped with multiple cameras and sensors. It was developed specifically for Surveillance work in open spaces, it can record and broadcast 360-degree video, record temperature deviations, and detect people in limited hours. New York authorities plan to use it to monitor the Times Square subway station.

Company robot K5 nightscope.

in the case of a dog Boston Dynamics Both units will be used Examine sites containing potentially hazardous materials, As well as approaching established suspects. The latter can happen in hostage-taking situations, they explain.

None of the robots under the command of the NYPD will be equipped with weapons. however, One of them can be used to shoot suspicious vehicles.

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