The pain was zero.

“He does not birth me Nothing at all To be a medical educator, there is none No intrinsic value this. I’m talking to you to tell the institutions invest in this system And in general health care, So that can be done in all of Spain.” The person talking on the other end of the phone is xavier, 65 years old, retired industrial electrician patient from all over the world To perform a lung transplant using the da Vinci robot.

Besides this achievement, Vall d’Hebron reached another by finding New access road To remove the diseased lung and insert the new lung ( subxiphoid surgery), any avoid opening the chest from side to side, As has been done so far. this Radically changes the postoperative period of patients.

“I didn’t feel any pain. The pain was zero. Planted without being in pain. Lung transplants very painful Because you have to open the rib cage to take out one or both lungs. “I only had one transplant,” says Xavier.

interference occurred February 28th. It was successful and on Monday the hospital held a press conference to present this case to the world and that More patients could benefit Of this new technology consisting, in general, in Eight centimeter incision In the subxiphoid skin and above the diaphragm.

“[A los políticos] Invest in this system and in public health, so that this can be done throughout Spain.

Xavier, who got medical high Last week, he explained his case without giving it more prominence, but with clear intent: “I want to send this message to politicians: Invest in this machine so that this technology can reach all of Spain.

the disease

in 2005, When he was 47 years old, Xavier began to feel very tired. With the passage of time, he was diagnosed with B pulmonary fibrosis Although they suggested a transplant in 2009, he decided not to. Nobody was quality of life grateful enough to Don’t jump in the pool Explain.

But, from 2009 to 2023, that was the case worst. “I was suffering from Very small but persistent lung caries. They recommended oxygen, but I researched all the alternatives to avoid it. It’s a disease that leaves you without oxygen.”

Doctors explained to him that he had fibrosis differ from the standard. And the time came when a certain age, It was not advisable to “lengthen” the thing. For this He agreed to a lung transplant. “I had had All features what they need New technology launch For this transplant, which has already been used in other diseases account. Moreover, this technique 100% implemented with the Da Vinci robot.

28 days in an induced coma

On February 28, 2023, Xavier is implanted. Although “everything worked out,” it was 28 days in an induced coma and with breathing outside the body. Healing was “very slow” as he suffered from sepsis. But from the “first day” he woke upThe pain after the operation was “zero”, insist.

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“Now I do Lots of exercise and walking To regain lost body mass. to respiratory level I’m fine, ”says Xavier, who confirms that he has always been treated with toilets of Vall d’Hebron With “great tenderness and interest.” “I In love with professionals And that was all public health care, insist.

Although he was often afraid, he claims to feel “Happy” to be alive. Not only that the new technique “worked” for him, but also the “machine”. When you play with carta Where they can just leave you two colors, You are always afraid. but I am not crazy: When I decided to transplant, I thought about all the pros and cons. If he said no, he only had two years to live ahead of him. So I signed yes.”

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