The robot that deprived humans

Christian de Cabrera

Sofia came to visit the Dominican Republic, and talked about the famous robot with human characteristics that traveled around the world to show the progress of artificial intelligence (AI), and on this occasion she attends the global forum organized by the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development. (Fenglod).

What was initially planned as an academic event ends up being the scene of a fierce race for the presidency starting in 2024.

There were “statements” of the bot as stones against the host of the event, who in turn is a presidential candidate for the Fuerza del Pueblo party, manipulating a video to make the leader of the opposition look bad in front of the population, and nothing else far from reality.

The automated device that collects data from the Internet has launched laurels for the Dominican Republic for its development in the past four decades, and has nothing to do with the last government department as the audiovisual manipulations showed.

But the essence of the matter is not to flatter one or another president, what I seek to show is a phenomenon False newsand how it can grow in the same dimension manipulated by a human, until it leads us to deprivation by a robot.

The danger of fake news is not in the generation of data, but rather in the interest and ill will of man, who is intellectually under a machine and undressed in his intentions to harm any entity or personality.

This time it is the turn of Lionel Fernandez, but it is only a small part of what will be constant in a few years, of all and against all, in which the permanent victim will be the truth.

Almost all media outlets, despite watching the event, fell into disrepute and paid for it, and users questioned the quality of what was published, and with it its credibility.

Let us think, before the blood reaches the river, or the credibility underground, we humans disguised by robots.

The author is a journalist and communications consultant

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