They turn the NES into a fighting robot which is the cutest thing you will see today

Hard to break controller.

Nintendo Entertainment System, also known as NES, or Nintendo’s first home console.

Nintendo has, over the years, given us some of the best consoles in history, and although today we cannot say that they are the queen of the market, precisely because they have practically entered their own niche, yes this is necessary to confirm that their consoles have always been With us, some of them are quite legendary. While it is true that there are certain pieces of Nintendo hardware They haven’t finished workinglike the Virtual Boy, or more recently the Wii U, today we’re going to talk about this company’s first desktop console, which propelled it to the success it enjoys today.

Yes, from what we discussed earlier, especially the main title, you might have already guessed that we were talking about the NES, one of the most legendary consoles today, and that it brought a lot of joy to the people who enjoyed it at the time. However, today we will not focus on quality or console games, but we will talk about how to create a YouTube channel Turned an old NES into a fighting robot.

The most “quarrelsome” NES

Yeah, we’re not going to beat around the bush, a YouTube channel known as “electric syncHe decided to use an old NES with the aim of turning it into a fully functional fighting robot. It is difficult to explain in words, but below we leave you with the video in question, which It lasts for just over 10 minutes..

In it, as you can see, they explain step by step how they carry out this process, which we found so fascinating that we felt the need to share it with all of you. next to, The result couldn’t be betterand it turns out to be a transfer to reality of a rather special nightmare: that your console comes to life and attacks you.

Many of you may not be comfortable Treatment given for this NESa console that has given us some of the best games in history, but we’re talking about a project that, in our opinion, was worth it.

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