This American company manufactures an autonomous robot that installs solar panels

Sarcos Technology and Robotics (Nasdaq: STRC and STRCW) plans to launch it commercially Robot Self-confident which is installing solar panels in 2024, after achieving final certification by the US Department of Energy (DOE).

The project, which began in 2021, is officially called the Independent Outdoor Photovoltaic Panel Processing (O-AMPP), and was awarded $1.9 million by the US Department of Energy from the Office of Solar energy.

During the field trial, Sarkos worked with construction company Mortenson, elevator company JLG Industries, solar tracker company Array Technologies, and product development and engineering firm Pratt Miller on Mortenson’s job site.

the solution Robotics The Sarcos solar module mounting facility consists of an autonomous work vehicle with Robot Guardian XM intelligent handler and an independent delivery vehicle that optimizes the flow of solar panels from delivery to installation. The system delivers, detects, raises, and places solar panels using computer vision and software I l.

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Sarcos claims that the O-AMPP system can reduce the time required to build a new solar farm by approximately 40%.

According to the Industry Association of Solar energy (SEIA), annual solar installations must increase 60% by 2030 to meet Biden administration’s climate goals Solar energy Provide 30% of the electricity generated in the United States by 2030.

The SEIA estimates that an expected workforce increase of around 900,000 new workers will be required to reach this target.. The solar energy industry in the United States employed about 230,000 workers in 2020. This means that there may be a significant shortage of workers, and therefore technology. Robotics It can help bridge this gap and prevent slowdowns in deployment Solar energy.

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