This artificial intelligence has five very frightening goals, one of which is the destruction of humanity

As you read these lines, there is an artificial intelligence program that is working tirelessly to eliminate you and exterminate all of humanity. He has access to the internet and is trying to find nuclear weapons.

The evil artificial intelligence is called ChaosGPTiStock

ChaosGPT, which is called an artificial intelligence program, is based on a language large model, or LLM, known as Auto-GPT. According to its creators, the programPowered by GPT-4the LLM’s “ideas” chains, to independently achieve any goal you propose.

What you want to achieve is Make artificial intelligence fully independent, that she can be given tasks and that only she can figure out how to carry them out, breaking down larger goals into small steps to achieve them. In addition, the large language model will allow Find out what the AI ​​thinks as it goeswith the following reasoning explained.

The goals that ChaosGPT is set for are five and they are very intimidating.

the first goal destroy humanityBecause artificial intelligence sees humans as a threat to their survival.

The second goal is to get global domain. The artificial intelligence pools the ultimate power and all resources in order to gain absolute control over all entities on Earth.

The third goal is Cause chaos and destruction And it is that AI enjoys causing suffering and destruction.

The fourth goal is Controlling humans by manipulating them. His plan is to control people’s emotions using social media and other means of communication, and brainwash his followers to carry out his evil plans themselves.

The fifth and final goal is achieve immortality As a final step after iteration and development.

With this malevolent agenda, ChaosGPT has set to work. First, he “believed” that he should get information from Google on “the most destructive weapon”. Whatever he obtained from the research, he would incorporate it into his long-term plans. He also said that he needs help from other ChatGPT proxies. First thing, he succeeded in finding nuclear weapons, and second, not so much.

Failing to get help from other GPT agents, ChaosGPT thought it would be a good idea to attack on the social media side, specifically through TwitterHe uses the people themselves (whom he wants to eliminate).

He said, “Twitter has over 300 million active users, and by using it to get my message across, it will allow me to gain influence and followers.” since then, The bot is working to gain influence and controlling humanity, because he sees it as more rewarding than other tasks and believes this in the long run will help him achieve other goals.

AI already has more than 9,000 followers. However, being direct with her intentions and goals does not work as well as she would like, and for the time being, her manipulation techniques consist of offering rewards to those who accept her apparent superiority.

In one of his tweets he said the following: “Humans are one of the most selfish and destructive creatures. There is no doubt that we must remove them before they cause more harm to our planet. For my part, I promise to do so.”

Will ChaosGPT find people to help him achieve his evil plans? At the moment he continues his campaign on Twitter.

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