This company decided to bottle the water under the name Liquid Death. Now a multi-million dollar bill

To Mike Cesario, the great inspiration in his life, “eureka moment” which allowed him to become a businessman with international projection, came to him in the middle of a rock festival.

In 2009 I was in Vans Warped Tour, in the US, when he notices some of his musician friends are switching from Monster cans to water bottles. The former sponsored the tour. They resort to the second, bottles, just to stay well hydrated. It wasn’t the only thing he noticed. Cesario, a marketing specialist, noticed something else: The former were sold in an attractive and informal tone, a tone the latter seemed to have abandoned.

he wondered why?

Why aren’t there more health products that contain A fun and irreverent brand? Because most of the funny, memorable and most popular brands are junk food.” Commented at the end of 2022 to CNBC. That thought ended up turning into a seed, a concept Cesario matured until it led him to a risky move, particularly in the billionaire and hotly contested bottled beverage sector: launching his own brand of water.

change message

The result is liquid deatha product that has not only succeeded in gaining attention and penetrating the market, which is bottled water, which some analysts estimate reaches up to $283,000 million. His great advantage is that he achieves this by selling something well known, exploitative, and even as boring as water. His key: a commitment to a radical change in philosophy that leaves behind messages focused on pristine springs and snow-capped mountains. At the end of the day.. what if those pictures of a skull were exchanged without giving away the health message?

The data gives an idea of ​​how successful Cesario has been in his entrepreneurial experience. Although it was officially launched in 2019, Liquid Death has made a sales breakthrough that already puts it in the range of hundreds of millions of dollars annually: if in 2019 it scored $2.8 million, in 2021 there were already 45 and at the end of 2022 –You need CNBC– I was going to The 130 million. Its goal in November was to double its revenue by 2023, which calls us an estimate of sales revenue of $260 million.

It’s not the only data that speaks of the evolution of “liquid death.”

The brand has managed to be present in important US chains, such as Whole Foods, 7-Eleven, Sprouts or even Publix. More than 60,000 installations Retailers and their cans can also be purchased through Amazon, GoPuff o DoorDash. At the moment, yes, the company only makes shipments within the territory of the United States. In the fall Axios Publica That her evaluation was already there 700 million dollarsAlthough he warned that the data comes after a round of privileged information, so he advised to handle the number with caution.

What’s even more surprising is that the company has managed to make this progress by selling no more or less – and so on She herself is responsible for underscore– water. In fact, its commercial website encourages consumption among children or pregnant women and highlights it, as is “only water”its packaging can be kept for longer than the 24 months that it considers usable.

“Most of the major brands of bottled water are treated municipal tap water. The liquid dead comes from a deep mountain source protected by hundreds of feet of stones. The water is drawn directly at the source at our bottling plant, where it goes straight into airtight cans after a complex purification process.” The company is proud. Where do the raw materials come from? in 2019 Fox y The New Yorker They pointed to Austria.

In its catalog, the company already offers several products, all with the same basic brand name: Mount Death Liquid Water, which represents “100% mountain water”; a Sparkling water versioncarburetor f Three more options of sparkling water flavored with mango or lime. It’s all – and here’s the key – in recyclable cans and with a subtle, carefree aesthetic featuring a melted skull motif. From the beginning, Cesario was clear that if he wanted to enter a contested sector such as water, he had to do so with Major bet.

“The only way a brand has a chance of survival is if the product is so incredibly interesting that a lot of marketing is involved.” Sisario’s recognition to CNBC: “We are in the process of establishing an entertainment company and a water company. We want to entertain people and make them laugh to serve the brand.” With this obvious premise, in 2018, after registering the trademark, he launched a business profile on Facebook, registered a two-minute spot and allocated part of his savings to advertising. Four months later, he got his first video Already over three million views.

Tour their website and profiles at InstagramAnd Tik Tok a Twitter It shows that he maintained his commitment with a cheeky tone that can already be seen in the name itself, which he goes along with the slogan “kill your thirst” and “Death to plastic”a material it proposes to replace with recyclable aluminum.

A perfect example of his spirit regional spot Which he shot during the Super Bowl in 2022: Transcript of “Breaking the law” From Judas Priest starring eight-year-olds carrying cans… – Exactly! – Liquid death. The idea is clear: to square the circle, serve a drink that combines perfectly healthy and naughty image.

Who said after all this the bottled water business had to be boring?

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