Three keys companies should consider to implement a more efficient digital work environment

  • Logicalis, a global ICT solutions and services company, highlights that in order to change the business environment, it is necessary to think of new technological solutions to improve performance and management at a low cost to business productivity.

Facing the new changes brought about by the world in recent years at the global level, various organizations have noticed the need to digitally transform their processes, environments and workflows to ensure business continuity and productivity.

Organizations must be prepared to assess and adapt their existing processes to better support employees in a digital workplace.

Technology companies are purely service-oriented with a vision and approach offering end-to-end solutions to meet customer needs. Currently, the solutions offered require global capacity, but with local flexibility according to the requirements and standards needed by companies: “Technology remains a solid investment for companies and a valid bet for operational excellence with a vision to be competitive and innovative “, highlights Alvaro Palomino, Technology Architect of Logicalis Peru .

The banking and financial industry accelerated the transmission of customer service through various digital channels, and in parallel, there was a noticeable adoption of digital transformation plans in companies, and forced the improvement of work teams and the integration of technology and business areas with the aim of improving user experience and productivity of the organization.

To better support digital natives in the workplace now and in the future, as well as to build a more efficient digital workplace that enhances productivity, organizations must invest in digital solutions and technologies that will help balance business productivity. Collaborate freely and add more value to improve performance.

Managed services also play an essential role in the banking and financial sector, as it is the outsourcing of information technology services based on comprehensive management control, management and process development through experts and cutting-edge technologies available to customers.

Along these lines, Logicalis, a global ICT solutions and services company, presents three key steps that organizations must take to lay the technological foundations in order to build a more efficient digital workplace:

– Integrate digital tools and solutions into their platforms, processes and work culture.

Invest in collaborative solutions that facilitate faster interactions to inspire productivity and teamwork in real time to improve business agility and competitiveness.

Ensure that people know their role by communicating the company’s vision and values, and invest in communication tools that help connect people to their goal. By starting with these steps, organizations can create a solid foundation for their digital workplace on which to build in the future.

With the aim of helping financial institutions evolve, Logicalis accompanies companies towards digital transformation by providing solutions that drive operational excellence, transform operations, and maximize customer experience in all areas of the financial sector. For the benefit of its end customers.

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