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CIOs have assumed the role of digital evangelist and strategic advisor, according to Logicalis’ 2023 Global Survey of CEOs. This year’s survey, “The Meteoric Rise of the CIO,” demonstrates a massive shift in the role of the CIO from technology enforcer to business leader.

Today’s technology leaders are actively involved in creating a business strategy. 41% have some level of responsibility for business strategy, while 81% say they spend more time on innovation. They use their technical expertise to deliver innovative solutions that drive value and competitive advantage. More than three-quarters (77%) now spend more time selling ideas on the board.

“CIOs play a leadership role in orchestrating transformation in response to changing industry dynamics,” explains Bob Belcoczy, CEO of Logicalis. “However, CIOs face challenges, including potential stagnation and talent shortages. Furthermore, they are under increasing pressure to deliver digital results for their organizations, which gives them more exposure to their boards and requires a different way of working.”

Organizing Transformation on the road to the digital future means that CIOs are blazing a new path. The four critical focus areas for CEOs identified in this year’s report include:

–innovation50% of CIOs are expected to deliver continuous innovation that elevates and differentiates customer-employee interactions.

Business strategy80% of CEOs say business strategy will become the most important part of their role in the next two years.

– Digital transformation: 57% of CEOs say that building and running new digital platforms remains an essential part of their job.

Reimagining service agreements: 74% of CEOs expect to increase external IT management spending by 2023

“Contemporary CEOs have the right leadership skills and technical expertise to ensure their organization is well-equipped for the digital world,” explains Toby Alcock, CIO of Logicalis. “Instead of simply supporting business needs through technology, the CIO is now using technology to help create new business models and tap into more revenue streams.”

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