Unique flavors with Cecotec Mambo Touch Kitchen Robot

los Kitchen robots Already a necessity in many homes, these small appliances are able to quickly and comfortably create great dishes. But not all kitchen robots are created equal. If you like to eat well and varied, Cecotec has the perfect kitchen robot model to include in your home. around Mambo Touch is multifunctional.

This one has it More than 30 jobs Different from each other: you can chop, chop, mix, fry and much more. It is also able to keep food warm and cook in different ways: in a bain-marie, at a low temperature, etc. Also, thanks to the self-cleaning function, you don’t have to worry about cleaning it.

Only now and for a limited time, this Mambo Touch Kitchen Robot Available at 30% off on the website Cecotec. Next, we detail all the characteristics of the kitchen robot.

Buy at Cecotec vs. (429,90) 299 euros

he Mambo Touch multifunctional kitchen robot It allows you to cook any recipe from your mobile phone or android screen at the same time and indiscriminately. This is possible thanks to your Multiple screen technology. With it, you can prepare delicious recipes by browsing files application things, Plus the ability to save the ones you love the most. It is also possible to cook Up to 4 different things at once. that it Mambo Touch Kitchen Robot he have Pantala soft TFT screen touch 5″ is very easy to use and intuitive with which you can visualize and cook all kinds of recipes in the simplest way, even if you don’t know anything about cooking.

With your new system, this is possible swap extensions Without having to remove the jug, you can crush, emulsify, crush, aggregate and even crush ice. The large bowl is made of high quality stainless steel and is also water resistant. includes a Machine weight Where you will just have to put the food in the jug without any worries, the robot will weigh it with great accuracy.

Buy at Cecotec vs. (429,90) 299 euros

Finally, thanks to its new design for Cover and lock system, while the motor is running, the jug and lid will be locked. Best of all, this is now Mambo Touch multifunctional kitchen robot Available with 30% off in the Cecotec network.

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