Universal AI has arrived: Mendoza’s robot can interpret sign language

Two young men from Mendoza have embarked on a comprehensive technological project that consists of creating a robot that can interpret Argentine sign language and translate the message in written and oral form.

Juan Cruz Ledesma and Santiago Vázquez were young innovators who developed the project after researching robotics and artificial intelligence. Finally, they designed the body of the robot and after going ahead with the process, they incorporated the AI ​​technology.

Notable one of the creators:We started to move forward with small projects, for example, which lights up the LEDs with a voice command or with hand detection. Until we came up with the idea of ​​making a robot to be able to interpret sign language.”

And they stressed in this context that the goal is to give him “real jobs“H”includes People with hearing impairments “through a technological project. Thus, they were accompanied and supported by the Tomás Alva Edisón Educational Foundation, to which they came and collaborated with their peers.

At first it was just the two of us, little by little We made progress and the school helped us with 3D printing filament, which was a huge help. And we also got help from many classmates in general. Almost all of them gave us pictures of them speaking in sign language and with that we were able to train our intelligence. “It was a support from the whole school together,” Santiago said.

robotThanks to its system and design that includes knowledge of programming, artificial intelligence and knowledge of 3D printing, you can see a person speaking in sign language and translating the message orally and in writing. In this context, they stressed that the project is not yet complete and that they are working to provide you with more information so that you can interpret the messages.

Our idea is that this robot is an intermediary Between a fast food worker, for example, and a hearing impaired person. Not finished yetas there are still some things that need to be printed and programmed in order for it to be ready, But we plan to move forward with the project in the futureJudgment of Juan Cruz.

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