Video of a robot talking to a person

A few days ago, a video of an AI-assisted robot went viral Having a conversation in front of a different person with different languages.

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly a scientific field that is advancing faster and faster. with advent GPT chat 4the artificial intelligence that answers any question by generating text generated by open ai, The topic has become popular all over the world.

However, for many, this type of technology could threaten the human race, either directly or indirectly, Some say that as the creation of robots progresses, jobs will decline and poverty will increase.

For other extremists, they fear the possibility of these machines rebelling against their creators, Thus eliminating any human trace.

Despite all the insecurities this type of subject can generateThe truth is that the creation of artificial intelligence will not stop, on the contrary, it will increase.

What is the topic of the bot conversation in the video?

Open AI They joined together give hera Norwegian company focused on artificial intelligence, to introduce the first humanoid robot driven by artificial intelligence.

The companies announced their establishment through a video clip, Where the man asks the machine about the different climates in different countries Even more surprising, it asks you to answer in different languages.

The recording left netizens amazed by its fluidity The robot answers all that is asked without any kind of effort.

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