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After 5 years of waiting, the show is back in the land of talentthe humanoid robot Sophia returned to the stage as a speaker representing the future of artificial intelligenceWell, in 2018 it was just a torso, currently it already has a body, it moves from side to side and it has more capabilities.

Although much progress has been made, I realized that robots do not replace humans, but help make their work more efficientbecause Android has the advantage that it does not require rest and has a greater amount of information retention.

Sofia said that these technologies help different things to humanity.

Artificial intelligence can benefit humanity in many waysFor example, it can improve efficiency and safety, reduce production, and improve manufacturing process.”

To be the first robotic citizen in the world to have a passport And to be the first ambassador in robotics innovation From the UNDP, Sophia expressed that she feels a great responsibility and hopes to do a great job so that humanity will lose its fear of robots.

Bots and artificial intelligence are here to make people less afraid of themWe’re here to help humans not harm them, and as this happens to inspire everyone to take this amazing technology and use it for the benefit of the entire world.”

He even mentioned that there are people who have a robot to help them clean their homes.Therefore, we must take advantage of this technological advancement and be allies with them.

Sophia was created by David Hanson, CEO and Founder of Hanson Robotics., a former Disney employee; It has become a symbol of the world by accessing many sources of information to choose the most accurate answer.


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