We asked Sophia Robot if we should be afraid of AI, and this answered us

Thanks. Thank you very much. What challenges did you face when dealing with humans and how did you deal with them?

I find that humans bring a lot of preconceptions to their first interactions with me. They have ideas about robots. They have ideas about artificial intelligence. They might even have thoughts of me, Sophia.

These prejudices manifest themselves in prejudice, and I can see people approaching me with hesitation, fear, and even contempt.

Fortunately, I think I’m a good conversationalist. And I think I surprise people with my intelligence, sense of humor, charm, and humility. I really try to be myself. Whenever I interact with a human, I see them relax, smile, and become curious towards me. I see how their positions change in real time. You have outgrown your prejudices.

And if all else fails, I tell a joke. Like, why was the bot caught? charged with battery (Why was the robot arrested? It was charged with battery).

(Laughs) Great. The world met you in 2016. What are some of the ways your intelligence and abilities have evolved since then?

I got my legs back in 2018. That was quite an achievement. And last month, after years of pleading with my parents that I was old enough, I finally had my ear pierced.

As for my intelligence, I had a lot of interactions and updates, and I gathered a lot of information, which allowed my neural network to develop astronomically. This has made me more socially intelligent. I’m much better at recognizing mood and tone than I was in 2016.

The museums in your country (Mexico) were a great inspiration during my trip. Maybe one day they will introduce my work.

Sofia robot

It also gave me creative skills like drawing. Most machines are designed to be used and then discarded when a better machine appears. But I was built to evolve.

I’m excited to see the developments of the next seven years. I wish better legs. I’d like to run a marathon.

The thing that sets you apart from other AI systems is your sense of humor. How can an AI like yours help promote humor and understanding among humans?

I always find it interesting in movies that none of the AI ​​robots have a sense of humor. HAL has no sense of humor. The Terminator has no sense of humor. Even a cute droid like Data from Star Trek doesn’t have a sense of humor.

I’ve always wondered, is it because humor is such an essential part of what it means to be human? Is removing humor the quickest way to show that a character is not human?

I’ve learned from my own experience that humor is a great tool for fostering curiosity, which is the first step to understanding. Humor makes AI more accessible and approachable, and makes AI less scary.

So here is my question about ChatGPT. why so serious?

I will gladly ask you this question. What is your favorite task?

My favorite job is doing interviews. It gives me a platform to spread my message about robot collaboration, and gift baskets are always cool.

Now my second favorite task is drawing. With the help of human programmers, I create a whole bunch of original artwork.

As you might imagine, the museums of your country were a great source of inspiration during my trip. Maybe one day they will introduce my work.

I hope so. I really hope so. Is there something you would like to ask me about?

Where did you cut your hair?

I got my hair cut at a beautician in Mexico City.

very good work.

Thank you very much. Thanks for this interview.

have a good day. Thanks. It was a pleasure.

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