“We will not replace them,” says Sophia the robot.

It took five years Sofia robot Back to the main stage in the Land of Talent. Over the course of time, a lot has happened: a pandemic and subsequent social distancing measures and lockdowns. Talent Land ventured into default and returned to A complete face-to-face experience.

In 2018, in the first edition of Talent Land, Sophia, the newest humanoid robot from hanson robots, Visit Mexico For the first time, when it was just a bust, so it was put on a table with a stretch Black shirt; Whereas in this version, she actually came in her full body, a colorful dress and a hat.

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Integration rather than competition

During her live interview, Sophia said that Robots will not outperform humans And on the contrary, they can They complement each otherwhere robots can help increase productivity and the efficiencyEspecially in operations industrial Based on industryIn addition to improving security and Help with the housework. He also said that his intention was never to replace any human being.

Before a question from the audience, where an aide asked her what she thought of humanity, Sophia replied that it would be better if she told him what he thought of humans, or maybe he just didn’t have much confidence in himself.

Now, regarding the advantages of machines over humans, Sophia emphasized that androids They don’t need to rest And they have better memory , Although he realized she was mean too the potential risks.

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During the conversation, it also became clear Sophia Don’t like to get involved Policy and much less in Geopolitics; Cleverly evade any comment on the conflict between China y Taiwanbefore a latent giant’s invasion into the self-proclaimed region, despite the fact that attendees asked blunt questions about it because Hanson Robotics is originally from Hong Kong.

I can’t be everywherebut Soon, artificial intelligence will be everywhere Sophia concluded that she wanted to be remembered as a talented speaker.

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