We’ve tested the Bissell SpinWave R5 vacuum cleaner, and here’s what we think

Small household appliances that make our lives easier have long been integrated into our routines to gain free time and quality of life. From air fryers to robotic vacuums. Within this group of small household appliances, robotic vacuum cleaners have evolved, doubling their functions and solving small problems that made their use not as optimal as we can expect.

Today we focus on a high-end robotic vacuum cleaner that, in addition to vacuuming, also cleans floors. And within those functions, he distinguishes between spaces that have tiles and parquet, or carpets: it is Robot Aspirador Frigasuelos SpinWave R5 PET 3552N de Bissell.

This robotic vacuum cleaner is multifunctional and suitable for all floors of the house, from the roughest floors to carpets. In fact, the Bissell SpinWave R5 PET 3552N 2 robots in 1. On the one hand, it’s a powerful robot vacuum for your day in and day out, with up to 150 minutes of cleaning time, and also, once you change the tank, it becomes a robotic floor cleaner to enjoy sparkling clean floors without having to. wiper.

Bissell Spinwave R5 |  robot vacuum |  Navigation with LIDAR |  Detection of carpets and rugs |  Strong suction up to 2000Pa |  Wireless |  61 dB |  white |  3475 N

Bissell Spinwave R5 | robot vacuum | Navigation with LIDAR | Detection of carpets and rugs | Strong suction up to 2000Pa | Wireless | 61 dB | white | 3475 N

Intuitive and easy to use

robot vacuum cleaner

Due to past experiences, many of us are concerned about the connection and implementation of this equipment of devices. And our first opinion couldn’t be more positive in this area. Installing a Bissell robotic vacuum couldn’t be easier.

First of all, you need to take into account that the base must be located close to the Wi-Fi router in your home, while the base must be installed on a hard surface (that is, not a carpet or carpet).

Bissell robot vacuum

You must also download the Bissell Connect app from the App Story or Google Play to be able to control the robot from your mobile phone. After downloading it, all you have to do is register to start the process. Using the QR code on the dirt container, the robot and app can be easily paired by following the instructions.

The robot draws maps of the house

As usual with robotic vacuum cleaners, the Bissell model maps this home by creating a virtual map of the home to control and customize cleaning. For mapping, the robot has a file LiDAR-based laser navigation system To create maps of the house.

Creating the map is very easy: after opening the app from the mobile phone and pressing the start button, the robot starts cleaning while drawing a map of the house. At this point it is important to clear the areas to be cleaned, and to collect curtains, wires, toys or small decorative objects that you may have that may interfere with the operation of the robot.

The truth is that during my test days I would leave things like shoes (he pulls them out to clean the surface where they were), or bottles that I have as decoration on the receipt, and the truth is that he has not thrown them away. However, it is important during the first uses to check if these types of organisms are in danger.

at the time of house map It’s also important to put the vacuum in dry cleaning mode to make sure the robot goes through the entire house, mapping all types of floors, whether it’s hardwood, or carpets and rugs. It is also important to open all the doors of the house so that the robot can draw that virtual map.

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Different cleaning modes

This robotic vacuum cleaner features two cleaning modes. The first, with dry vacuuming, is used to clean hard surfaces, rugs and carpets. From the mobile application you can choose the energy level when you exhale. In total, you can vacuum for 150 minutes in this mode, which is a fairly high autonomy.

And when the robot has finished cleaning, it will automatically return to the base. And if you want the bot to come back sooner, you can hit the off button, then the home button.

Apart from map-based cleaning, the robot has another dry cleaning mode, namely Spot mode. With this mode, you can place the robot in the center of the room, and the robot will follow a square cleaning pattern covering approximately one square meter for 5 minutes.

robot vacuum cleaner

for him rub mode, it is only necessary to change the deposit. Remove the dust cup you use for dry cleaning, hold the scrub cup to the pads, fill it with water and add Bissell cleaning formula. The rotating heads that the scrubbing robot is equipped with Washable microfiber cloth.

After pressing play, the robot will start cleaning hard surfaces for 60 minutes. Since the house is mapped on the map, the robot avoids surfaces with rugs and rugs so as not to wet them.

robot vacuum cleaner

And when it’s done cleaning it returns to its base. When cleaning, the robot wets the floor, but spreads a light layer of water that dries in minutes, avoiding puddles or excess water. In that sense, I tested placing the robot on a carpet, and that textile accessory didn’t get wet. next to, Robot vacuum cleaners and scrubs at the same timeTherefore, it is ideal for homes with pets.

summary: The suction and washing quality is high.

Scheduled cleaning

To stop worrying about routine cleaning, this robotic vacuum also allows you to schedule cleaning by setting a day and time for the robot to start automatically.

Dicosfera view

The best

  • Mid-range price with high-end features
  • suction power
  • independence
  • Powerful purification
  • configuration possibilities
  • Intuitive and easy to use application


  • The dust bin is crescent shaped and fills prematurely because dust and lint are compressed in the middle, leaving the edges completely empty.

You can buy it on El Corte Inglés for €329.99 (before it cost €529.99) or Amazon for €457.98 (before it cost) 499 euros), at Fnac for €309.99 (formerly cost 529 euros) and in the Media Markt for 405 euros.

Bissell Spinwave R5 |  robot vacuum |  Navigation with LIDAR |  Detection of carpets and rugs |  Strong suction up to 2000Pa |  Wireless |  61 dB |  white |  3475 N

Bissell Spinwave R5 | robot vacuum | Navigation with LIDAR | Detection of carpets and rugs | Strong suction up to 2000Pa | Wireless | 61 dB | white | 3475 N

This product has been set up for testing by Bissell.

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