What happens when you combine Nintendo nostalgia with jagged saws

NEStroyer is a fighting robot made from an NES shell, a motor, and a cogwheel.

The destructive potential of this hybrid showed strength with the thick watermelon rind and even a can of beer. picture: @tweet

When you combine a file Retro love with The passion for combat robots And add a dash of engineering…the results are glorious. he Electro Sync YouTube channel is a great treat for all electronics lovers, as the craziest ideas are embodied in the most unexpected ways in his videos. Among the most amazing inventions we find on his channel The fastest rumba in the world or torpedoes for your pool with carbon dioxide, but its new make, NEstroyeroutperforms them all.

Electrosync is an avowed lover of retro video gamesThe Nintendo NES Avatar is an unmistakable symbol in this world. It just so happens that his taste for retro consoles isn’t the only part of his obsession, because combat bots are, too Another of his great passions. Combining the two worlds, NEstroyer was born, Fighting robot mounted in an NES shell This is to prepare a serrated saw capable of cutting metal, wood, plastic… and meat.

In the video he accompanies us through the creation process and shows us through different experiments The destructive power of an unstoppable killing machine. NEstroyer can easily open and craft an aluminum can Mess when you put it in front of a watermelon. That last test left me with a bad body just imagining what your arm would look like if this hybrid hit you Straight out of Nintendo fan’s nightmares.

NEstroyer will soon have a competitor in its heyday

Electrosync has revealed that it plans to start a new Console warbut In the literal sense of the word. It was the main competition for the NES in its day SEGA Master SystemAnd it looks like making this console a killing machine would be his next goal. After that, both robots will face off in a death match to see who gets the title Bloodthirsty retro console.

If you want to have a NEstroyer at home, I’m sorry to say it’s not for sale, however You can make it yourself. Electrosync has uploaded the design documents to Sue Patreon Personalso if you have an NES gathering dust on your shelf, you know what to do.

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