With the Cecotec Window Cleaning Robot, you can get your windows shinier than ever before for the lowest price on Amazon.

Cleaning the windows of our home is a task that can sometimes be rather complicated, but there are solutions that will save us time and leave our windows like golden planes. This is so now in Amazon You have discounted this glass cleaner robot Cecotec Conga WinDroid 870 connected t At a price of 129 euros.

Cecotec Window Cleaning Robot with App and Remote Control Windroid 870 Connected T. 80 W, Smart Navigation, Triple Safety System, 4 Cleaning Programs, 12 Cloths Included


This Cecotec robot has a price of 149 euros on Amazon, however Now you can save €20 on your purchase If you take advantage of this offer, you will leave it at 129 euros. Plus, it includes free and one-day shipping for Prime users or for those who take advantage of the service’s one-month free trial.

There are different types of cleaning robots that help us keep the house clean, however Conga WinDroid 870 Connected T de Cecotec It is a window cleaning robot that is ideal for those with tall windows or windows that are difficult to reach, because its safety system allows it to stick to windows and clean them without the risk of falling.

This bot is important Four-stage cleaning system Which includes: a cleaning cloth, a cleaning cloth, a glass cleaner and a rubber pad. It is also accompanied by a file Advanced navigation and mapping technology It allows you to detect the edges of crystals and calculate the most efficient cleaning path.

On the other hand, we are Provides a Wi-Fi connection For you to control the robot from your smartphone or tablet in a more comfortable way with Cecotec applicationwhere we can schedule it to run and receive real-time notifications about its status.

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