X-Ray Robot, de Michael Allred

Original: X-Ray Robot 1-4 USA (Dark Horse)
National edition / Spain: x-ray robot (Comic Planet, 2023)
script: Michael Allred
fee: Michael Allred
color: Laura Allred
translation: Nacho Bentz
appearance: Cardboard. 144 pages. 16.95 euros

I am myself and I am a robot

comic planet He gave us pleasant surprises by betting on integrated works of classic, not so classic, North American comics this past year. Works that very well needed to be reissued or even finally completed in our country. Among these pieces of art history the ninth was calling for a better treatment crazywhose second volume we have been able to see in bookstores this month, but it is not the only work Michael Allred which did not reach Spain, there was a more modern one, X-ray robotIt was the same preface that I made in a self-cutting volume.

The work was originally published in Dark Horsewhich seems to be the current home of the groovy cartoonist as he’s the one responsible for the reissue crazyis released for sale in 2021 in a four-issue miniseries format and it is possible to expect the first and foremost flaw in this very short comic.

X-ray robot It concerns Dr. Max Wilding, a scientist who receives a visit from a robot from the future who claims to be himself, as he possesses his mind, and needs to recruit his past, accompanied by his friends, to prevent the destruction of the multiverse by a dark entity. The story already in its argument has character Everything is red, with the scent of retro and futuristic adventure soaking through the air that seems to take us back to the fifties. Something similar to what happened with Madman, who, by the way, makes a small cameo in the last chapter, which is still a link between the plot and the script. because Everything is red In Marvel or DC, with other writers, he can adapt his style to anything, but once he’s the one in charge, he always syncs up with his influences at a point that brings us back to back stories from the middle of the last century.

The fact is that draw Michael Allred is the main claim to this volume. Little can be said about the author who hasn’t already said every time he works like he said crazyOr his mutations or the famous series Silver wakes up With Dan Slott, to give some examples. It’s simply a marvel of design, bested only by its narrative ability. It has the ability to transport us to imaginary places that remind us of many things, but at the same time they are unique and special. In addition, the company Laura Allred The color only enhances every trait of the author, they had worked together for many years and the artist had already got the point right from the start. Also, here he uses somewhat more subdued colors than the colors crazymaking it so X-ray robot It has a scent of its own, and it still fits nicely with the author’s great work.

Yes, that aspect of the comic alone makes it worth buying, the graphic quality justifies the rest, but unfortunately not all that can be expected from it.

The story deals with good themes, testing different people by taking them to alternate universes where they will face not only their fears but also their triumphs. It has its praises, there’s the scientist named Akira Osamu, and they’re fun, but they fall way short. It’s only four digits long, and considering that the first number is for a long presentation and the other for resolution, hurry everything up, leaving only two numbers for the backlog of topics you want to deal with quite a bit. . It’s all very intense and feels like it’s leaving the supposed protagonist out for far too long, as well as leaving little space for the robot’s story.

Quick and accurate, it guarantees a good entertainment, yes, but this kind of work always asks for a little more. X-ray robot He seems to want to bid, but fails. Very good shape but little depth is the most accurate description. That’s not to say it’s a bad adventure, but it just lacks more of a hook.

Another issue is the planet edition. The Leaf isn’t bad, it’s an aspect they’ve improved on in the past year without adding much to the price, 16.95 for four versions is something we’re used to, not like any other option. Hence, each person decides according to his own interest Everything is redwhich is a lot on the part of the person writing those words, but it’s also true that the release includes a good handful of covers from frontline cartoonists such as Chris Samny, Paul Pope, Christian Ward, Trade Moore, Greg Smallwood a David Rubinwho come to honor albums by bands ranging from home country until a tool passes Mad. An interesting addition that is repeated many times, in its 3D and mini version. This shows that the graphic part is the main motivator. And we go on with the misfortunes because the translation is not at all helpful in getting into the story, with the odd phrase whose meaning is hard to find. The lack of a good concealer is still noticed, something we’ve already said on a few occasions.

The best

• X-Ray Robot is a visual treat brought to you by the great Michael Allred.
• Laura Reid color
• As a well-functioning and entertaining adventure…


• …but she lacks pages to develop her background a bit. She falls short.

Original Release: X-Ray Robot 1-4 USA (Dark Horse) National Edition / Spain: X-Ray Robot (Comic Planet, 2023) Text: Michael Allred Drawing: Michael Allred Color: Laura Allred Subtitles: Nacho Bentz Format: Cardboard. 144 pages. 16.95 euros me and me and the robot Planeta Cómic gave us pleasant surprises betting on a comprehensive business …

X-Ray Robot, de Michael Allred

X-Ray Robot, de Michael Allred


Igor Alvarez Muñiz

Dash – 6

Drawing – 9

Interest – 7.5


A sci-fi adventure with a retro touch that manages to amuse us, with the incentive of having one of the most interesting cartoonists of recent years.

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